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Proudly Serving Over 250 Communities, Park and Fire Protection Districts Since 1987!

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Phone: 815.744.0011
Toll-Free: 866.LOCiS99
Toll-Free: 866.562.4799
After Hours: 815.200.9110


Needs Assessment
A community's computer needs are based on many factors, ranging from size of community, expected growth within what time frame, applications desired now in the future, and budget consideration. LOCiS is oriented to the local government concerns and attempts to define needs within a framework of providing the best possible solution for the public dollars spent.

Includes the setup and testing of hardware, installation and verification of hardware-software compatibility.

Provides instruction in the use of LOCiS software onsite, with actual client database.

Implementation & Data Conversion
Assistance in transferring your data to the LOCiS system. Being onsite for the first live run of each module and each module's closing process.

Telephone & Remote Support
Ability to either by voice or computer hook-up, provide assistance or remote support to users when questions arise. Toll-Free telephone number to contact Technical Support.

User Group
Participants in the LOCiS Membership Program are also a part of the LOCiS User Group. The User Group provides peer to peer contact with other users, information and user requests for software enhancements, and a continuing forum for user expression.

Workshops are oriented to user requests for continuing education and are often oriented to infrequently used procedures. Examples being year end closings, W-2 preparation, etc.

Ability to download updates to the LOCiS applications, review schedules of upcoming classes, question answer forum, newsletter archives, order additional supplies, forms, and provide feedback to the LOCiS staff.

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