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LOCiS Utility Billing Module

The ability to generate utility bills, record payments, issue refund checks, and perform a variety of utility management functions for multiple user defined services (water, sewer, gas, electric, refuse, etc.)
Key Benefits
  • Multiple user defined service billing capability (water, sewer, gas, electric, refuse).
  • User Defined rate table(s).
  • Multiple look-up ability for account inquiry.
  • Owner, renter billing & service address capability.
  • Account History includes from/to meter reads, dates and estimate indicator, and detail history of payments, bills, or adjustments and running A/R balance.
  • Meter reader routing control.
  • Estimated bill by account or grouping of accounts.
  • Consumption variance warning.
  • Local and state utility tax calculation and reporting.
  • Full page Laser bills, Full page Pressure Seals, Inkjet, or Dot Matrix, Postcard styles.
  • Letter style billing forms - Laser and Inkjet.
  • Ability to adjust a calculated bill prior to printing.
  • Manual/Automatic application of cash by service.
  • Penalty charge by service processing.
  • Penalty collection letter generation.
  • Estimate, letter and work order generation.
  • Shut off notice generation.
  • Adjustment procedure for current balances.
  • Produce final bills.
  • Cash receipts lock-box entry.
  • Label printing.
  • Meter tracking.
  • Consumption reporting.
  • Geographic usage reporting.
  • Utility deposits tracking and refund processing.
  • Ability to interface to the following other modules:
  • General Ledger module for automatic journalization.
  • Cash Receipts module - Point of Sale/Cash Drawer.
  • Lien module.
  • Direct Debit module for direct debit banking.
  • Automated Reading Interfaces via LOCiS automated reading interface 3rd party device interface.
  • Bar Coding for cash receipts collection.
  • Credit card processing.
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