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LOCiS Payroll Module

Provides the ability to record manual checks, issue checks, and manage all payroll expenditures, including quarterly and annual tax filings. Includes Check Reconciliation and Direct Deposit.
Key Benefits
  • Distribution of earning across multiple funds
  • Automatic hours salary posting
  • User specified earnings, deductions, and taxes
  • Tracking of fringe benefits (i.e. vacation, sick and personal time) by employee
  • Annuity, 401K, and Cafeteria plan deductions accommodated
  • Check printing (generic or pre-printed form) laser, inkjet or dot matrix styles
  • Manual void check processing
  • Employee check history
  • User-definable earnings and deductions
  • Deduction checks printing ability after payroll run
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual tax reporting (rollback feature to a prior period for reporting)
  • W2 processing, paper or magnetic filings
  • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund accounting,both paper and magnetic filing
  • Annual Treasurer’s Employee Payments Report
  • Police/Fire Pension reporting
  • Due to – Due from processing
  • Automatic journalization to General Ledger
  • Savings bond deduction recordkeeping
  • Project tracking
  • FLSA Time Recording process
  • Employer tax and deduction processing based on salary expense allocation
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