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LOCiS Accounts Receivable Module

Record customers, issue invocies, and monitor collection of revenue for services or goods provided by the community.
Key Benefits
  • Provides transaction history, statements and aging thereof, and trial balances with capability for automatic journalization
  • XE "Customer accounting methods" Maintains customer’s receivable balances in five aging periods current, and over 30/60/90/120 days)
  • Maintains records of individual transactions (invoices, payment, CR/DR memo, adjustments) during the current accounting period.
  • XE "Accounts receivable items" \t "" XE "Payments and adjustments" Ability to display a customer’s unpaid invoices
  • Ability to apply payments against multiple invoices
  • Ability to enter invoices with default line detail and operator entered data
  • Ability to generate repeat invoices XE "ARIE Invoice entry"
  • Allows entry of payments from Customers.
  • Shows a graphic representation of the past 12 months billing totals for a customer.
  • Lists 24 months of billing activity totals for customers.
  • Ability to lookup repeat invoice by customer address.
  • Ability to print a Trial Balance Report of outstanding accounts receivable transactions and aged totals for customers.
  • Ability to print customer statements on 8 ½ by11-inch paper. XE "ARP Aging report" XE "ARINV Standard charge setup"
  • Ability to establish, change and delete standard charge items to be used in invoice entry and print a list of such items. XE "ARINL Standard charge list"
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